Discover the Keys to Successfully Exporting Your Wine Internationally with Lex-Port

Dive into the captivating world of international wine sales with Lex-Port, your legal partner to conquer new horizons. In this article, explore the unique legal challenges that winemakers face when exporting their precious nectar worldwide.

France’s Position on the Global Wine Stage in 2022

In 2022, France ranked as the 2nd largest wine producer globally, 2nd largest consumer, 3rd largest exporter, and 4th largest importer. Discover how the wine trade represents the second surplus in the French trade balance, with 17.2 billion euros in exports against 2.5 billion in imports.

Effective Preparation for Foreign Markets

✈️ Obtain your EORI number via to facilitate your international transactions. ✈️ Conduct a thorough market study of the target market to effectively target your audience. ✈️ Identify key players in international trade such as distributors, importers, and agents.

Offer Structuring and Incoterms 2020

🔍 Explore practical advice for structuring your offer, with a focus on Incoterms 2020. 🔍 Discover the nuances between EXW and FCA for seamless exportation.

Legal Documents and Dispute Management

📜 Dive into the world of legal documents tailored to international trade. 📜 Learn the rules to avoid disputes and resolve conflicts efficiently.

Product Compliance and Labeling

🍾 Explore strict regulations on product compliance. 🍾 Discover the crucial importance of compliant labeling and brand management for successful exportation.

Sales Contract: Key to Success

🌐 Explore the key elements of the sales contract for a successful export operation. 🌐 Learn how to define the product, delivery conditions, payment terms, applicable standards, and more.

Lex-Port: Your Partner for International Success

The law firm Lex-Port assists you in structuring your offer, contracts, and other legal documents to facilitate your international expansion. Schedule a meeting with us to identify your specific needs and ensure your success on the global stage.

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