Franchisee candidate

A powerful business model, franchising is a contract that few lawyers master. For the franchisor, the franchise contract offers a powerful tool for rapid development, and for the franchisee, the opportunity to launch a self-employed business within a structured framework that has proved its worth.

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, LEX-PORT can support you in this ever-expanding business model, which also places high technical demands on the contractual and commercial aspects of its implementation, and which must be rigorously monitored throughout the life of the franchise contract.

Legal and commercial audit of a franchise project.


Protection and enhancement of the various intellectual property rights that identify the franchisor's concept

Drafting of the franchise agreement and the pre-contractual information document (Franchise Disclosure Document, FDD).

Support in the integration of every new franchisee.

Monitoring of franchisor/franchisee relationships during the execution of the contract.

Franchise litigation

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