Receive expert advice to design a tailor-made company structure that will enable your projects to develop efficiently. Our expertise in company law will help you successfully navigate through the legal challenges and business opportunities.
Contact us today for personalised, strategic support.


International support

95% of your potential market is international. Lex-Port can help you expand into new markets by negotiating and drafting international contracts.
In addition, thanks to her background and 3 working languages (French, English and Russian), Maître VASINA-DUGUINE has been assisting foreign investors in France for over 15 years.


Clear and affordable rates for daily legal support designed to engage and enhance your most important asset: your human capital. Coming from the transportation sector, Maître DUGUINE has been supporting road transporters and their unions across France for over 15 years, with genuine expertise in European social regulation.

Commercial litigation

Backed by its expertise and rigorous methodical approach, Lex-Port stands out for its ability to obtain a large majority of favourable court rulings, even in the most complex and high-stakes cases. With proven experience, our team is committed to defending your interests with determination and professionalism.
Rely on us for solid, effective legal representation.


The cornerstone of your expansion lies in the quality of your contracts. Our expertise supports you in developing robust client terms and effectively negotiating strategic contracts, thereby laying the foundation for sustainable and fruitful growth for your business. Together, we ensure your success.
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