Class action lawsuits for victims of economic crimes


Since 2017, Lex-Port has been actively involved in large-scale class actions, supporting businesses victimized by major economic crimes. We offer rare expertise to form groups of claimants, conduct complex economic studies, and oversee legal proceedings for a large number of plaintiffs.

In the case of the Truck Cartel, we successfully represented around sixty SMEs, both large and small, in their claims against seven multinationals for compensation.

Despite the high costs associated with these litigations, Lex-Port collaborates with financial partners willing to bear or distribute them among the claimants, thus enabling economies of scale.

Our legal actions are innovative and essential to remedy and prevent the considerable harm caused by the abusive practices of certain large, both national and international, corporations.

Check the list of recent convictions and potentially affected companies, then contact us for information on compensation procedures or to schedule an appointment.

Cartels - Competition

The law firm LEX-PORT assists companies that have been victims of anti-competitive practices (cartels, abuse of dominant position, etc.).

These actions are facilitated by decisions rendered by the Competition Authority and the European Commission condemning the perpetrators of anti-competitive practices.

Currently, the law firm LEX-PORT is involved in the following cases:

The truck manufacturers cartel

The cartel of truck manufacturers, judged by the European Commission on July 19, 2016, condemned Volvo, Renault, DAF, Iveco, MAN, and Daimler for illegal collusion, thereby opening the possibility of compensation for all companies that purchased trucks between 1997 and 2011. This investigation, initiated by a denunciation from MAN in 2011, lasted five years and resulted in fines totaling 3 billion euros, reduced in exchange for their cooperation.

Scania, also involved, contested its participation, but a subsequent decision by the Commission in 2017 confirmed its guilt, although it appealed.

This cartel operated throughout Europe between 1997 and 2011, fixing wholesale prices, delaying the adoption of new EURO emission technologies, and agreeing on cost sharing arrangements.

With the guilt of the manufacturers established, it is up to the victims to prove their damages. Private and public companies that purchased trucks over 6 tonnes between 1997 and 2011 are affected.

Compensable damages include the overcharge at purchase, fuel overconsumption, and late payment interest.

Lex-Port has already gathered files representing more than 5,000 trucks, thus offering the opportunity to join this compensation action before the statute of limitations.

Through the pooling of economic expertise costs, the firm has assessed the acquisition overcharge of trucks at 9%, or approximately 10,000 euros. Lex-Port offers a fee procedure thanks to the mass effect of the already constituted client group.

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